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Frequently Asked Questions

What Vehicle Licence is required to hire a vehicle?
Minimum driver age is 21 years and they must hold a full licence.
For trucks over 3 Tonne and buses that seat more than 12 people you need the appropriate class of licence.

What are the terms of rental?
Minimum rental period is 1 day. Vehicle must be returned to the agreed Hertz location.
Insurance is included with the appropriate excess. This excess can be reduced at the time of the rental by paying an additional amount. You will be supplied with a full list of the Rental Terms & Conditions at the time of the rental and our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can anyone drive the vehicle?
The renter is responsible for whoever drives the vehicle but they must meet the minimum age requirements and Hertz must sight the licence and complete an Additional Drivers Form completed.

What is the best method of payment?
Hertz accepts most major credit cards, including;
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Hertz Charge Cards.
If your company would like to establish a Hertz Account please contact Brendan and we can organize an account application for you.

How do I extend a rental?
All you have to do is call the pickup location with the vehicle details and advise them of the new return date and time. You will then be advised of any additional charges.

Does the longer I keep a vehicle affect the rate?
Generally the longer the rental period the cheaper the rate becomes.

Can I return the vehicle after hours?
Check with the renting location at the time of the rental. Most locations and vehicle types can be left after hours by locking the vehicle and placing the keys in a drop box.

What happens if I return the vehicle late?
It is best to notify the location if you are running late. The charges will be recalculated depending on the amount of time that you are late in returning the vehicle.

Can I drive the vehicle anywhere?
The vehicles can only be driven on gazetted roads. If you take them off road you will void any cover for the vehicle. Please check with the renting location to confirm the details as well as the Rental Terms and Conditions.

Can I drop the vehicle at a different location to the pickup location?
In some instances this is possible, but you should notify Hertz when making your reservation. Some vehicle types and cannot be rented one-way, and there are extra charges in some instances depending on which location you wish to drop the vehicle. Also not all locations are approved to undertake one way rentals transactions.

Can the vehicle be driven out of Western Australia?
If you wish to drive interstate you must advise Hertz at the time of reservation to determine if it is possible.

How can I cancel or change a reservation?
A call to the renting location direct is the best method, or you can advise Hertz by email or fax.

What happens if I have an accident?
You should contact the police, complete an accident report form, then contact the renting location and advise them of the situation. You will find that the staff at that location will then deal with the situation as quickly and efficiently.

What do I do if the vehicle breaks down?
For your convenience, Hertz has a 24 Hour Breakdown service so just call the number on your Rental Wallet or if you don't have the wallet handy, call the renting location direct.