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Want to lease a Truck, Bus or 4 Wheel Drive?

We at Hertz have been offering lease and fleet management services in Western Australia for over thirty years.
Our operating leases are available for all makes and models of buses, light four wheel drive and commercial vehicles. Because we deal in large volumes we can save you money from the initial purchase, repairs, maintenance and ultimate disposal.

With the Hertz fully operating lease you will get;

  • Competitive off balance sheet funding with no set up costs or documentation fees.
  • The elimination of residual risk on the final disposal of the asset.
  • Keep on leasin'Lower maintenance costs through full maintenance contracts.
  • Fixed costs which makes budgeting and accounting easier.
  • Easy and meaningful reporting and invoicing and,
  • A customized "One Stop Shop" for vehicle selection, preparation,
    service and disposal throughout the life of the contract.

Our comprehensive services package provide;

  • After hours and emergency service.
  • A nationwide service network.
  • Replacement vehicles.
  • Lease extensions.
  • Common billing dates for all vehicles/services.
  • Detailed reporting and,
  • Terms to suit individual business needs.

With our added value products you can choose from:

  • Mini leases of a minimum of twelve months or shorter rental on favorable terms and,
  • Preferential vehicle hire charge facilities.

Hertz has a unique range of skills and systems that have made us the specialists in leasing and fleet management.

Why not explore the opportunities that leasing can offer by contact our in house specialists:

Brendon Donohoe

Sales and Marketing Manager

Phone: 08 9451 1244
Email: welshpool@hertzrentals.com.au
Brendon Donohoe Richard Colbran

Business Development Manager

Phone: 08 9451 1244
Email: welshpool@hertzrentals.com.au
Richard Colbran