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Need your Fleet or Vehicle Serviced?

Keeping a very large fleet of vehicles on the road demands the very highest standards in vehicle maintenance and at our Welshpool Branch, Hertz has established the most advanced workshop possible to meet customer needs and expectations.

As a result Hertz is able to offer a comprehensive maintenance support package for its leasing clients and other customers who demand the highest standards.

The key to maintaining our fleet is minimizing down time. In offering our maintenance services to you we can offer a preventative scheduling program which is designed to meet your specific needs. With our 150 mechanical checkpoint analysis system our highly skilled and fully qualified mechanics are able to effectively identify and rectify any problems. We can even analyse engine oil and coolants to identify potential wear before they cause problems.


Whether it be an ongoing preventative maintenance program or a "once off" service, we can repair or service your vehicle with quality, timeliness and can even assist with a replacement if required.

We can also deal with your vehicle fleet or breakdowns on site with our mobile service and breakdown units. These units utilize the highest technology, are environmentally friendly and most importantly, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fleet Service

The Welshpool workshop facility has been awarded the coveted "Green Stamp Award" from the Motor Traders Association of Western Australia and is fully accredited.

Brendan Leonard

Workshop Manager (Welshpool)

Phone: 08 9451 1244

Email: workshop@hertzrentals.com.au